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Reliable Roof Repair Work in Crofton, MD

Cunningham Contracting Inc. has over 25 years of experience doing roof repair work in the Crofton, MD, area, and we’re able to handle a wide range of different roofing problems. Whether you’re experiencing a small leak or need more extensive work done like roof installation, our professional contractors are here to assist you. Since we specialize in this type of work, you can feel confident you’ll get quality service from our dedicated team.

Common Roofing Problems

There are a number of common roofing problems we address for homeowners and businesses in the area. They include the following:

  • Flashing issues: Think of flashing as the patched areas of your roof. Good flashing protects against leaks at places where the roofing material needed to be cut back, such as where vent pipes protrude or HVAC systems are located. This can be a weak point for your roof if the work wasn’t done right or if weather has caused problems .
  • Age: At a certain point, a roof will just begin to degrade from age and wear and tear. How long this may take varies and is based upon factors such as shingle type, weather severity, and more. Although an old roof will generally need replacing, if it’s not quite time yet, we can also repair a section to give you a little more time.
  • Poor installation: If the roofing company you hired did a substandard job, you may have issues sooner rather than later.
  • Weather, tree, or animal damage: Both intense weather and animals can cause sudden, unexpected damage to a roof, ranging from a few missing shingles to a more serious breach of the structural integrity. Trees can also cause problems, whether it’s from a branch that comes down on your roof or long branches that can scratch and peel back shingles.
  • Poor maintenance: It’s important to know what’s going on with your roof! It’s smart to schedule periodic inspections to make sure there is no minor damage. When small issues are found, it’s often an inexpensive repair. But if left too long, things can get out of hand quickly.
  • Leaks: Often the first sign that something is wrong with your roof is a water spot or leak on your ceiling. Although regular inspections and maintenance can help prevent these from happening in the first place, sometimes it may not be that simple. A leak on the inside means trouble on the outside.

There are a number of other roofing problems we deal with regularly but these are some of the most common. If you’re experiencing any of them, please give us a call to get an estimate for a repair.

Fast Repair Service

It’s very important to get a roofing problem addressed as quickly as possible so that the damage doesn’t spread to other parts of the building. A small leak can turn into a mold problem inside your home very quickly. Water damage can translate to rot if not taken care of properly. Let the professional contractors from Cunningham Contracting Inc. take care of any issues you’re experiencing so that you can avoid a complete replacement. Contact us in Crofton, MD, today.

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